Get Involved!

For anyone contemplating doing NaNo this year, I strongly recommend getting involved with the region nearest you.

While I only went two write-ins towards the end of November the first year I finished, I’ve found that it has been immensely helpful in the years following.

The first year I did NaNo I had a lot of great support from my fellow English Majors, but when I moved to Colorado, I didn’t have any of that support anymore. So it was great to have a group of people encouraging me to continue on, even when I despaired about the crap I was churning out for my second novel. Not to mention our group had a friendly competition with a neighboring region that helped boost everyone’s wordcounts.

Also, setting aside time for at least one write-in a week can help your floundering wordcount or even get you ahead of the game.

A lot of regions will do a few word sprints, where everyone will try and write as much as possible in the next 5, 10 or 15 minutes. For me, one fifteen minute word sprint can cover at least half of my word count for the day. If I do two of them in the 2+ hours of the write-in I not only get my wordcount in for the day, but I can chip away at the rest of the 50,000 I need for the rest of the month since I’ll still have another hour and a half that I’ll be writing.

Even if there aren’t any write-ins you can make it too, check out the Elsewhere regions for online write-ins that you can join in. Even if it isn’t in the same state or country that you are in, if they are having an online write-in at a time that works for you every week, do it.

Nothing helps better than encouragement from your fellow writers!

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