Three more days!

I can’t believe how close November is and how not ready I am. Three more days plus some change!

Tomorrow I’m going to go spend some time with NaNo peeps at a special pre-NaNo meet-up for working on our outlines. Since I haven’t even begun to do anything of the sort, this will be pretty good. I just have a random smattering of notes of ideas for the novel and then a bunch of historical notes to help me do the actual writing.

I still have a bunch of books that I need to go through. Most of them will probably be pretty repetitive at this point, so I may just keep the more extensive ones on hand during the month for reference.

Outside of NaNo work, I’ve got a few things I want to do before the month ends. First being cleaning my car. I’m not too worried about the outside, because it’s starting to hit the rainy/snowy season here, but the inside is another story.

I also really need to deal with my Google Reader. As of right now I have 99 items on there to read or skim as most of them will probably be. I have barely touched it at all this week.

But in other news, I’m loving the new netbook I bought this week. And I’m really digging the mouse I also picked up. It’s the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000 with the BlueTrack Technology. I can pretty much use my mouse on any surface. Just a few minutes ago I was using it on my pant leg. Right now it’s sitting on a pillow and working just peachy keen. These things will really help the month go easier since I won’t be lugging my huge and ancient laptop with it’s dead battery and cords around. I’m guessing that I’ll be getting around 6 hours out of the battery on my netbook and because it’s so small and light, carrying around the power cable won’t be that big of a deal either.

I’m really hoping NaNo goes well for me this year. I’m really excited about my current project and I can’t wait to sit down tomorrow and start plotting it out.

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