Hello Spam Bots

Apparently my blog is the happening place for Spam Bots. I’m not really sure what about my blog is attracting them, but it seems like every post gets 1-3 comments from spam bots on it. WordPress thankfully hides and requires my attention to approve the shady looking comments, which I, of course, deny.

In other news, I’m not quite sure how I feel about NaNo’s new stat breakdown. While I do enjoy that it’s telling me I’m doing a fantastic job (3 days ahead ;)) I don’t like that it tells me I’m having an unsuccessful day so far if I haven’t written 1667 words yet. I know that some days I probably won’t, especially Wednesdays when I have several obligations. But I think that writing anything, even if it’s just one word on these days makes it successful. Not to mention all those people out there that can’t log in everyday, whether its because of extreme site lag or lack of internet or whatever else, will have a count of days they weren’t able to log into NaNo and/or report their scores and it will be telling them they’ve had X number of unsuccessful days when they may have had quite the opposite.

My Google Reader was also over 50 today, I’m going to have to squeeze in a lot of peeks at it when I’m off work on Friday. And since I managed to get 1706 words in pretty early today, I weeded that count to just 30 for now, though I’m sure I’ll have over 50 items again when I get home from work tomorrow.

I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping that I can pull a big number tomorrow and that the write-in will be really good. So far they seem to be more of distraction from writing, but it’s not like writing at home is all that much better either, where I have far too many things calling my name. But I’m guessing it’ll get better as the month continues and people start feeling the time crunch.

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