NaNo Day 4

I think I will just have to accept that I’m just not as fast as I was in the past. But it is for a good reason! I find now that I think more, rather than just typing whatever just comes to mind, which means that there is a lot less utter crap in my novel. Now, that doesn’t mean there is none, because I’m sure hefty chunks will be removed and/or rewritten. But I’m taking time to think about what I’m about to write and where it will take my story if it’ll go there. And to make everything better, I’m still getting a good amount of writing done.

According to the NaNo site I am currently 4 days ahead of schedule (just under 13k and hopefully over 13k by the time midnight hits). I wrote 4007 words today at last check, which brought my average words per day back up over 3000.

Despite the fact that I’m not going as fast as I would have hoped, I am extremely pleased with what I am getting done and that I’m way ahead of the game. Which means that at the end of the month I’ll have time for other assorted writing projects I’ve been planning on working on for a while.

So, double yay!

I hope the rest of you are doing good!

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