NaNo Day 5

Despite having the day off, I didn’t really do much writing today. I spent most of the morning doing laundry and cleaning up around the house.

I also haven’t touched my Google Reader. It’s going to be very scary soon. Over 75 blog posts to read now.

Rather than going to a write-in I decided to spend the evening sort of watching TV and hanging out with my mother while attempting to write. The result was 1753 words, just enough to get me over the minimum I should be writing per day, but not really adding much to the 20k I’ve said that I would attempt this weekend nor to the 10k challenge for my region that I joined.

Since I’ll be working through most of the write-in tomorrow, I’m going to go early and get some writing done before anyone is there. I’m not entirely sure if there will be wireless there, but if there isn’t, it’ll probably be a good thing. A few hours of distraction free writing would generally help my wordcount goals.

In other news, I have so far worked out all 5 days of NaNo. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to workout before I go write. I’m hoping to be at the gym by 8am and then start writing by 10am so that when I have to leave for work before 1pm I’ll have 4-6k written.

And now I shall trundle off to bed. If you happen to find my brain, please return it. It seems to disappear after 8pm.

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