Plot Bunnies and other things…

I am currently sitting at the halfway point in my novel, things are swimming along beautifully. There is more epic-ness happening than I expected and a huge battle scene may ensue, probably around the 40k mark. Anytime I get any idea of what might happen in the end my main character, Charles, takes over and throws out a curve ball, but I’m starting to realize that he’s just making the path to the end more adventurous and less straight and narrow. I have no idea if this novel will end up being more than 50k words, but I’m pretty sure it’ll come in at least with 50k.

I’m really trying to keep my enthusiasm for this novel up high, but a problem occurred last night. You see, I like to have some sort of background noise, music being the most preferred type. Conversations and TV can often be more distracting than helpful, but they do tend to be better than silence. However, somehow the TV ended up on the History Channel and a program about “Ancient Aliens” was playing. A plot bunny came flying out of the TV as I laughed at the crazy bedhead that one of these “experts” was sporting. And so, for the next 30 minutes that I watched of the program before the DVR said so long to the History channel, I wrote about 200 words of ideas and thoughts on how I could turn this plot bunny into a story. And since then, this little bunny has been hopping around my head, not letting me really concentrated fully on my current novel. If I had only been a few thousand words into the werewolf story, I totally would have just tossed it aside and went with the new inspiration, but the end is in sight! I know what will happen, I just don’t know how much will happen between this 25k and the next 25k. So I’m trying to cage the plot bunny, before it starts breeding more, so that I can pump out the end of the current beast.

I’m really starting to think that, if I can ignore the plot bunny for long enough, that I could write two 50k+ word novels this month. And I’m crossing my fingers that the plot bunnies will not begin to breed to heavily in the coming days and weeks like they have during past NaNos for me.

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