NaNo Day 10

I love spending time with other WriMo’s even if it is just on the forums or chatrooms. Today someone posted a link that really got me moving along. What is it, you might ask? A random number generator. Ultimately you can set it to randomly display a number between any number of values, but the link above will give you a number between 1 and 1000. The idea being, that once you get your number, even if you hate it, you minimize everything but what you are writing your novel in. Don’t go surfing the internet, don’t go into any chatrooms, don’t browse the pictures on your computer, don’t read your e-mail, just write. Once you finish the random number you got, take break do all that stuff you normally would when you procrastinate, then in 5-10 minutes, get yourself a new random number. Rinse and repeat until you reach your word goal for the day and write all the correct number or words that the generator gives you, because it never hurts to go over.

It honestly really helped get moving today, I ended up writing 2866 words today because I didn’t let myself shy away from the big numbers the generator kept throwing at me (748, 879, 943!).

Week two of NaNo can often be the hardest. All the energy you had at the beginning of the month starts to fade, your motivation starts to fail and, if your plot still hasn’t shown it’s face, you doubts will start setting in. Even though I’m over the the halfway mark, it doesn’t mean that I don’t face these kinds of things either. While I know exactly where the story is going now, I don’t always now how to get started each day or where to start my characters off. Today was one of those days where I just didn’t know what to have my characters do. But when I found something to give me a little push to write, and write anything that was related to the story, it got the words flowing and the story started moving along, inching closer and closer to that conclusion that I can see in the background.

So my friends, just keep writing, writing, writing!

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