NaNo Day 11!

For the first time in a long time I wrote over 1000 words during a 15 minute word war. I haven’t read over it yet, but I’m guessing that about 1/3rd if not more will probably get cut when I go back and edit the novel. Several times during the war I thought about just typing about how I couldn’t think of what to type so that I could just ramble on, but I did really good and managed to stay semi-in-character. Which tends to be a bit easier since I’m writing in first person, so there is currently a random bit of extended monologue in my novel right now. But the good news is, I ended up having the most words so I won an awesome button!

In other news, I’m over 36,000 words. I ended up writing over 4000 words at the write-in tonight and spent most of the last hour not actually typing anything. We got really chatty which was nice because my brain sort of died after the word war. And since my brain is still pretty dead right now, I think I shall go crawl into bed.

Goodnight NaNoLand!

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