NaNo Woes

In my rush to finish my novel with enough time to write the next one, I found myself last night at 41k with a complete novel. That’s 9k short of the goal and that’s a lot of words to try and cram in still. I’m not a big fan of wordpadding either. I don’t want to add excessive descriptions and adjectives just to fill space, because I’ll only end up cutting it out later. I don’t want to use my characters full names (most of whom I’ve only actually given first names to) every time they appear. I don’t want to add miscellaneous things that have nothing to do with my novel, just so that the words will be there.

The good news, though, is that when you write a novel this fast you end up skipping things, forgetting to add details. In the rush to get the bones down, you skip over a lot of good places to add descriptions or put more action in and not the kind that is excessive or contains a billion adjectives. So far I’ve added another 5k words, none of which detract from the story or are just extra fluff. I’ve even found a few places where I skipped scenes or I described something that happens earlier on that I never actually wrote because I skipped ahead as I wrote. So despite having finished before I hit the word count goal, I’m finding I really am far from done.

After I finished writing my epilogue last night and tried to think of places where I had maybe skipped over things or made notes to go back and rewrite a “telling” scene into a “showing” one, I remembered something I had been using earlier. To figure out what to do, I started about by just using‘s random number generator to pick a page of my novel to go back and reread and then fill in the details that I missed. Each page I’ve done so far has gained anywhere from just a handful of words to over 100. And now that I’m starting to get pages repeated at me from the random number generator, I’m going to go back to the beginning. Read each page, add details I’ve forgotten, fill in missing scenes, fix the occasional typo and make those scenes with lots of dialogue more clear in who is talking and actually make it so the people/werewolves aren’t just standing around dillydallying because chances are pretty good that in my brain they are moving.

So while I was panicking last night, fearing that I had possible screwed myself over in my haste to finish one project before I moved on to the next, now my woes and fears are gone. I know that I’ll easily be able to fill in the last 4k I need to get to that magical 50k, even if it is a day later than I was hoping and when the sun comes up tomorrow I’ll be ready to start working on Space Opera 3000 (working title). And I will end the month with at least one novel that actually has had a full reread and has been given a cursory edit, something which usually doesn’t happen until several months down the road.

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