NaNo Day 16!

It’s now two days into my new novel and it’s looking pretty good, sort of. I knew writing science fiction wasn’t going to be nearly as easy as many of the others things I’ve done in the past, at least if I’m going to lean more towards the hard rather than soft, which is the current plan. But, I’m doing pretty good all things considered. This is, of course, further complicated by the fact that I don’t really read a lot of science fiction, and definitely not anything that deals with far future (ie over 1000 years into the future compounded with aliens that are even more older) or interstellar space travel.

I had a bit of a slow Monday for me, yesterday (duh!), but I was also doing a lot of moving around, first going to a coffee shop, then hearing that a group of people were having an impromptu meeting a couple hours later at another, and then after that was the scheduled write-in, so I ended up hitting three coffee-shops all about 10-15 minutes apart. Not to mention that the impromptu get together was very talkative, I only ended up with just over 3100 words, when I’m normally writing upwards of 5k on Mondays.

Today, however, I’m currently sitting at 2700 with plans to write at least another 300 words. While this puts me slightly below the average I need to write everyday to finish this second novel at 50k by the end of the month, I do expect that I’ll be making it up on Thursdays and Fridays when I generally do more writing (in the case of Thursdays) or should be able to do more (which is the case for Fridays, though I haven’t been doing much writing on them the last two weeks).

Of course, if by the end of Thursday I haven’t caught up, I’m going to have try and push for a really big weekend to get me caught up and hopefully ahead, since I have no idea how many words this novel will probably end up being. But all that aside, I’m really enjoying this new challenge and adventure in writing.

I hope you are all having fun on your novels (or other projects)!

Edit: Currently at 56167 words total, which means I hit my 3k for today. Which puts me at 508 words I need to make up so far between Thursday and Friday. Will probably end up with more to make up from Wednesday since it’s my busy day.

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