Is it time to bust out the Rebel costume?

I’m going to be honest, I’m having trouble writing this second novel. Though I have a lot of enthusiasm for the project I am simply just floundering in a sea of words, thoughts, and ideas and the inability to express it all.

I enjoy Science Fiction, but I’m not a big reader of the genre. Some of my favorite books are scifi, most notably the Ender’s Series by Orson Scott Card. But the majority of the science fiction I’ve read lately (The Hunger Games) is not set in space. In fact, outside of the Ender’s Series and Pern books, I haven’t read any science fiction (I can recall) that mentions space travel or distant planets.

While I have always been a big fan of shows like Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek and Stargate, it in no way prepares me for writing hard science fiction, which is what I would like to do.

I LOVE learning. I LOVE reading. I want to know, when I put stuff down on paper that it’s feasible. But my amount of knowledge when it comes to interstellar travel, interstellar communication and whatever else is going to happen in my novel, is pretty poor. And it’s no surprise, considering the fact that well, most everything out there is just theories and in general is not part of a high school education or found in the curriculum of English degrees. This means, that if I want my science to be there, I need to do a lot of research and considering the fact that I’ve never imagined myself as a scifi writer, I’ve never done it before and doing it now, with 11 days left in the month is a bit late.

So, I may go back to my original plan for the last part of the month. I may go back to the fantasy world I created a few years back and start writing a collection of short stories that highlight parts of the history of the world and major characters. Some of these may just end up being outlines for future novels, or the stories that inspire them, but they are things that I really want to get written down so that I can bring more depth to a world that is far from the one we live in. And this mean’s the rebel cape may be making an appearance if I spend the rest of the month breaking the ‘rules’ of NaNo and don’t write a novel.

If I do clip on that cape, I won’t be abandoning this current project. I will go back and research the information I want to learn more about and then I’ll come back to the novel with my head full of knowledge and a notebook full of notes.

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