The importance of breaks during NaNo

After writing over 3334 words today, I started to feel like I was out of words and being still 3500 word behind the 70k I’m supposed to hit by the end of the night, that was not a good thing. But there was a light in the distance. What I really needed was to stop and take a break from my novel. After writing for over two hours, without any real break from thinking about the story, I needed to open up my mind to something else.

So, I opened up my Google Reader, which always seems to be backed up, and got to work on reading things. While a number of the blogs I normally read are talking about NaNo right now, many of them also talk about other things. And thanks to John Scalzi, I got a few giggles in and continued to write more. And as I continue to sit in one of my local libraries at a write-in, I will do more writing in the last forty minutes that I have here.

With any luck, that 3500 words I’m behind will drop down to 3000 or even less. And if I really need it, I’ll browse some more of the blogs in my Google Reader for more brain rejuvenating goodness.

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