Wouldn’t it be nice if…

I could count all the words I’ve written on this blog this month towards my NaNo? But alas, this is not my novel. This is the place I come to talk about the progress on my novels and about other writing or NaNo related subjects.

That being said, I’m still currently behind on my wordcount (something which I always cringe to say when I’m, by official standards, ‘done’), but I also haven’t really written a lot today. I spent most of the morning catching up on all those blogs in my Google Reader plus some cleaning around the house. Now I’m doing a few quick minutes of writing as I wait for an extra shift I picked up at work to start. But once I’m off, I’ll still have over three hours left in the day to write and I plan on making use every last minute to make sure I get in at least 3334 words today.

Tomorrow I’ll be working a morning shift and then I’m going to get my snow tires on my car and as I sit and wait for half an hour (or more) I’ll be clicking away on my netbook and hopefully not freezing my behind off in the windowfull wonder that is the tire place. After that, I’ll probably go work out before I head over to the tea shop where we are supposed to have a write-in, even though I’ll be something like two or three hours early. But it’ll be two or three mostly distraction free hours, especially since there is no wifi in the area that is good.

And I’m really looking forward to having several days off coming up! There should be lots and lots of time to write. 🙂

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One thought on “Wouldn’t it be nice if…

  1. Just a quick encouraging hello from a fellow NaNoWriMoer. 🙂 I’m also “officially done” but desperately need to get to the end of the story that I want to tell.

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