Can you do 50k in three days?

I’m not really sure I can, but I’ll definitely be trying. Have I suddenly gone insane? Maybe…

For the first time this year I decided to go chat with some fellow overachievers, because they always make me feel better when I talk about being behind, even though I’ve passed the 50k mark because they all understand being behind when everyone else views you as being ahead. So, a bunch of them have decided to do a 50k challenge this weekend. While most of them will be doing it Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be doing it Thursday, Friday and Sunday since I’ll be working on Saturday.

And before that even happened, I had joined the 20k challenge for my region which lasts several more days than this 50k challenge. So, in any case, I should reach at least 20k this weekend and I’m really hoping that I’ll make it through to 50k. Maybe I’ll even write a whole 70k! Who knows?

To prepare, I’m going to take some time today and tomorrow to do a small amount of outlining on a different novel idea(or even multiple ideas) to see if it’s something I want to try and do during the 50k challenge. I’ll also be attempting to make some sense out of the Space Opera 3000 which is at some point supposed to leave space and enter the atmosphere, but is about five billion months away from that at my current pace. I’m hoping that if I can get some sort of rough outline, that I’ll make better headway on it.

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