Finding Motivation

I’ll be honest, after November ended all I wanted to do was just sleep. While I had plenty of motivation and even typed a few hundred words on the Space Opera 3000 since the month ended, it doesn’t mean that I’m really getting anywhere close to my goals for writing. But as I was going through my Google Reader and catching up, I came across something that peaked my interest.

T.N. Tobias made a NaNoWrimo Wrap Up post that linked to To say the least, I was quite intrigued. While 750 words is less than half of what I would like my daily goal to be, it is something to get me started. And I’m using it completely as a free write exercise. Once my brain and fingers are all warmed up I can go get busy working on doing writing on my novels or even editing for that matter.

If you want, you can follow my own progress here. If you join and want some extra motivation, don’t be afraid to follow me and post your own link, so that I can follow you!

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