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A while back I used to write short reviews of books I had read and why I did or didn’t like them. I don’t do it anymore and I sometimes wish that I had at least kept up with them even if I didn’t post them.

As a Librarian, knowing why I liked or didn’t like a book and what it’s characteristics are is really helpful when trying to recommend books to patrons. But since I really don’t do a lot of readers advisory work, I haven’t kept up with it.

And as a writer, I stopped posting critiques of other writers work because, well, when I don’t particularly like a book, I can be a bit harsh. To be honest, I am simply baffled sometimes at the things that get published and what becomes popular. But the reality is that we all have different tastes. What I think is trash someone might see as one of the best books of the last year and what they think is trash might be my favorite book of the year. So, I stepped away from writing reviews because I didn’t want to spread negativity. And to post only positive reviews seemed a bit silly.

I’m am, however, contemplating starting up my personal database of reviews again to help me at work for when I do get people who want recommendations. They won’t be shared, of course, but I think it’ll help me be a better Librarian and will encourage me to look at books with a critical eye again. Something which I also found very useful as a writer, because it also help me look more critically at my own work.

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One thought on “Book Reviews

  1. I have been thinking about starting to post reviews of books. Now after reading this I am reconsidering. You brought up some good points that I hadn’t thought of. I do think, that as a Librarian, writing book reviews will help you give book recommendations. I’ve also found that critically examining other’s work has helped me examine my own. I say go for it!

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