E-Books and E-Readers

I’ve been reading a lot of e-books lately, in fact all but one of the books I’ve read this year have been in e-book format. The more of them I read, the more I want an e-reader. That’s right, I’ve read eight books on my computer. Having an e-reader would be a hundred times better, because its a whole lot more portable than my laptop or netbook which require being plugged in a lot more often.

But the question is, which e-reader? And it’s honestly something I don’t have an answer for yet. The only thing I do know, is until Kindle starts using epub formats, I probably won’t touch it. Why? Because I don’t have an endless stream of money to spend on books, but I do have a library that has downloadable e-books that are in pdf or epub format.

However, I do have Kindle e-books on my computer. Why? Because I like to browse books authors who are offering free e-books from time to time and frankly they’ve had the largest selection for a long time. I also have Nook for PC along with a slew of e-books from their website and I have some from other places that work with my Adobe Digital Editions. This makes it even harder for me to choose an e-reader. Not to mention when you throw in the idea of a tablet, like the iPad, for which you can download multiple apps so you can read all your e-books. The iPad of course, also has its drawbacks since it doesn’t use the e-ink technology that makes other e-readers usable in the sunlight.

Chances are, I won’t buy an e-reader or a tablet anytime soon. But I am starting to think about it a lot more than I used to, especially now that I’m reading more e-books. And I also hope that they start spending a bit more time proofreading the e-books they do put, because I have to say, at least half of the books I’ve read have started to get obvious errors in the later portions of the books. Most of the errors are pretty easy to figure out, but there are times where I’ve head to sit and puzzle out exactly what word was meant to be used. But that aside, e-readers have been on my mind a lot lately.

So my questions for you are, do any of you have e-readers and what made you decide to go with the one you got? And if you don’t, do you have any ideas on which one you’d want?

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One thought on “E-Books and E-Readers

  1. Emmie, I really echoed with your voice and questions besides thinking ‘wow, here’s a really keen, voracious and intelligent reader’. I’m sure you’re right to wait a while. I like my Sony Reader but hanker after an iPad. However, an iPad isn’t yet quite what we want. I’m interested in the news about google ebookstore. Somehow they’ve come up wtih technology that makes any book readable on any device. The downside is that thousands more ebooks will appear with sloppy or non-existent copy-editing. As an epublisher I aim to maintain high standards but I have to put the onus on writers, as I am a small, independent one-woman business.
    I’m now clicking on the box to receive site updates. Thanks, Emmie. Keep reading!

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