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Being Sick

Another hazard of working in a public library is that you can get sick a lot, even if you get a flu shot.

I’m sick right now, which isn’t much of an excuse for not having much to write about. But after shoveling some 6 inches worth of snow off the driveway and sidewalk around the house, I haven’t had much energy at all today to do much thinking or writing.

A few topics have crossed my mind over the week for topics to write on, and I probably will still at a later date.

So hopefully I’ll have something much more interesting for you all to read next week!

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Don’t get in a fight with a book…

It’ll cut you up!

Bad joke aside, there are some hazards that come with working in a library, especially a public library.

The most common hazard, being that of paper cuts. I currently have two, which is a bit uncommon for me. Honestly, I don’t get them too often and I usually only have one at a time, but paper cuts are the worst. Why would these seemingly innocuous little cuts be the worst? Well, let me tell you!

Since I started working in the library I have gained several new scars and all of them, and I mean all of them, are from paper cuts. How you might ask?! The simple fact is, a lot of the time you don’t notice them till you wash your hands later and you realize that stinging sensation is your latest new battle wound from the book front. The problem here is, that you don’t know how long it’s been there and well you don’t really know where that book has been and what was on it. And you don’t know where all the other books you’ve touched since you got it till the moment you started cleaning your cut have been either.

And let’s be honest, public libraries are germ city. People sneeze on books. People even take them into the bathroom. People wipe their green icky boogers between the pages. People eat while reading. People spill drinks and other substances on them. Cats and dogs mark stray books as their territory and sometimes small children do too. In short, there are a lot of gross icky things that might be rolling around on those pages and now your simple little paper cut is an infected paper cut and an infected cut leads to a scar.

So what I ask of you, my lovely readers, if you use a library, treat the books with respect! Treat it better than you would treat your own books, because dozens and dozens of other people will touch and read that book. And if you get a paper cut, make sure you clean it and covered with some antibiotic ointment and a band-aide.

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An Update~

So far the only two things I have been really good about with my resolutions this year are posting more often and reading two books a week.

I am still writing, but just not nearly as often as I wanted. I’ve also been having trouble getting around to editing. Part of these two are due to the fact that my power adapter for my laptop finally bit the dust after being partially broken for the last four years.

And, while I haven’t been working out five or more days a week yet, I have definitely been hitting the gym a lot more this month than I was last month. So I’m slowly working my way to actually achieving my resolutions despite a rocky start.

And I’m really hoping that by the end of this month, I will be working out five or more days a week. Now I just need to work on the consistency of my writing and editing.

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Before I started getting into e-books, I started with audiobooks. Part of the reason I started listening to them, was because I was getting my Masters and commuting an hour to school. And because my Masters was in Library and Information Science with a focus on School Library Media, it meant I had to read a lot of books and driving two or more hours a day really cut into my reading time. So I started checking out audiobooks and listening to them. When I was done with school I stopped checking them out, until my mom passed along a few audiobooks she had bought for herself.

At first I listened to them when I was getting ready in the morning, but then I started listening to them when I was crocheting and knitting. And then, I discovered playaways. These little digital audio players make it so I can listen to books pretty much anywhere and I do!

Rather than listening to music while I work out, I listen to books. Rather than listening to the radio on the way to work, I listen to books. And when I make time to work on my craft projects, I listen to audiobooks. I even listen to them when I’m cooking meals! The only time I don’t is when I’m writing, because it tends to be a bit distracting or I totally tune out everything I’m listening to and just have to rewind the whole thing and start over.

One of my favorite things about the playaways is the ability to speed up and slow down the book. Another one of my favorite things about playaways is listening to humorous books. It really brings the book to life and allows me to pick up on numerous funny spots I often miss when I read.

But listening to audiobooks isn’t all sunshine and daisies. There are definitely some books I have to turn off after just a few minutes. Why? Because I either can’t stand the voice of the reader, or I hate the way they are reading the book. Some of the things that annoy me are when everything is read dramatically, like it’s the climax of the novel, or when they use a million different voices.

In a storytelling class I took, I was told to never use more than three of four different voices and if there are more characters than that, it’s best to tell the story all in one voice, why? Because it can be hard to keep track of for yourself as the teller, but as I listened to audiobooks that had many different voices used, I also found it really annoying. While some people are gifted with the ability to twist their voice in a variety of different ways, it doesn’t mean they are all always pleasant to listen to.

Do you listen to audiobooks and what do you love or hate about them?

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