Don’t get in a fight with a book…

It’ll cut you up!

Bad joke aside, there are some hazards that come with working in a library, especially a public library.

The most common hazard, being that of paper cuts. I currently have two, which is a bit uncommon for me. Honestly, I don’t get them too often and I usually only have one at a time, but paper cuts are the worst. Why would these seemingly innocuous little cuts be the worst? Well, let me tell you!

Since I started working in the library I have gained several new scars and all of them, and I mean all of them, are from paper cuts. How you might ask?! The simple fact is, a lot of the time you don’t notice them till you wash your hands later and you realize that stinging sensation is your latest new battle wound from the book front. The problem here is, that you don’t know how long it’s been there and well you don’t really know where that book has been and what was on it. And you don’t know where all the other books you’ve touched since you got it till the moment you started cleaning your cut have been either.

And let’s be honest, public libraries are germ city. People sneeze on books. People even take them into the bathroom. People wipe their green icky boogers between the pages. People eat while reading. People spill drinks and other substances on them. Cats and dogs mark stray books as their territory and sometimes small children do too. In short, there are a lot of gross icky things that might be rolling around on those pages and now your simple little paper cut is an infected paper cut and an infected cut leads to a scar.

So what I ask of you, my lovely readers, if you use a library, treat the books with respect! Treat it better than you would treat your own books, because dozens and dozens of other people will touch and read that book. And if you get a paper cut, make sure you clean it and covered with some antibiotic ointment and a band-aide.

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