While I’m not against self-publishing in the least and have become more and more consciously aware of it. I read blogs, websites, books, anything that hints that it might have some good information about the subject.

But I still hesitate when I think about self-publishing my own work. And one of the majors reasons behind this is, that I don’t want people to look at my book and think it’s not polished, not that all traditionally published books are or self-published books aren’t. For a long time there has been a stigma that self-published means shoddy and it’s hard to shake that from my mind. But then I read things, from traditionally published authors venturing for the first time into self-publishing and I quake.

It worries me when I read statements like this: “I went through it to catch any typos, I hope, and made sure the story still worked.”

Does that scare anyone else?

I know their published, they know the process that goes with a normal book. But, really? I can’t say that reading a statement like that makes me want to go out and buy your novel that it sounds like you haven’t really edited much no matter how cheap it is.

The author may have done a fantastic job editing the novel, may have spent hours upon hours editing it and perfecting it, but the way that they are promoting it, leads me to believe otherwise.

When I read a book from a traditional publisher I expect it to be edited. Not just once, but many times. A polished novel, one that has few inconsistencies and follows most of the rules of grammar. When I buy an e-book, especially a self-published one, I want to be led to believe that the same care has gone into it as well, rather than having something thrown together and only given a cursory look-over.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing

  1. I’m a big advocate of self-published authors submitting their work to a professional editing service before publication. Some self-publishing companies, such as iUniverse, offer these services as part of the publishing package. My books got quite a thorough vetting, both for line-by-line and substantive comments. I’m sure such services can also be purchased apart from the publishing company. They are bound to be expensive, but I believe they’re worth it.

    • I definitely think this is important and I know that if I ever self-publish I would let my blog readers know that I had gotten it professionally edited. In fact I’d probably blog about the whole experience. But the cost behind such ventures is definitely one of the reasons I also hesitate right now to self-publish, since I know I can’t afford the services I’d want.

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