Cold Medicine

I’m sick, if the title isn’t indication enough. I’ve been going through the cold medicine that has accumulated over various colds. A lot of times I’ll only take cold medicine for a day or two out of the whole time that I’m sick, but this time it’s been a bit different.

This could has seriously knocked me off my feet. I’ve spent two days in the last week in a haze, barely able to move or do much of anything. Of those days, I only actually took cold medicine on one of them, but that day I had a very frustrating experience with the cold medicine I had on hand.

I have to say, as long as I remember this in the future, I will never buy capsule style cold medicine ever, EVER, ever again. Why? Have you ever tried to rip those little packages open? With their super thick foil backing and just a little tab notched in to the square? I couldn’t manage to gather up the strength to tear that notch much less cut it enough with scissors to get the two stupid capsules out. Talk about frustrating!

I think I’m going to stick to the liquid and drink mixes from now on.

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