Library Appreciation Week

Library Appreciation Week is coming to a close on Saturday. So if you haven’t stopped by your local library and let them know how much you appreciate them, do so!

Libraries have a special place in my heart, and not because I work in one, but because they have been a part of my life since before I could even walk. Even though my mother has always bought books constantly, she also borrowed many books from the various local libraries in the cities we lived in. It is her actions when I was a child that have lead me to work where I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

At a young age I gained a love of reading because of the weekly and sometimes even daily visits to the library. Whether it be just to go to story time, or to check out another dozen books, the library was always there when I was a kid. As I got older, my love for reading never faded.

In junior high I used to walk down to the public library everyday after school to do homework with friends till my father got off work. During those two years, I ended up reading nearly every book in the teen collection in our small town. And though someday in the, hopefully, near future that library will be moving to a new building I will and do miss going downstairs to the kids section of the library where I sat at the long low table. However, I am glad that they will be able to have room to expand their collection.

If I could have, I probably would have continued to spend my afternoons at the library when I was in high school, but being dependent on either an 8 mile bus ride home from school or my sister’s car, it left me with few choices when the library was no longer in walking distance. Thankfully, our school library had a good collection of books to keep me reading in my spare time, though I only got to visit it during lunch or class.

And though my visits to the library decreased while I was in college, they never completely stopped and my reading definitely didn’t either. Of course, now I’m in a one on a nearly daily basis and I take full advantage of the many services and programs they offer.

I hope that some day I will have the opportunity to work in the library where I spent most of my life, though it probably won’t be in the same building anymore by the time they have a position open, but it is a library that will always be in the front of my mind when I think about my life and where I’m going. It is a library I love and appreciate and I can’t wait to see the things they will be able to do when they get their new building.

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