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The Good Ol’ Days

In just a little over a month I’ll be heading home to Alaska for my ten year reunion. I’m really excited to be heading back, but I’m honestly not really looking forward to hanging out with my former classmates. While I had a lot of fun my senior year of high school, I can’t say that I had fond memories of much else. Probably something typical for most introverts.

The idea of seeing where people are, who they married, how many kids they have and everything else that could have happened in the last ten years is definitely interesting. And I’m sure my mind will be running at a million miles an hour as character and story ideas pop in my mind as I look at how much people have or haven’t changed over the years.

But what I’m really looking forward to is hanging out with old family friends and hitting up some of my favorite spots. I’ll definitely be bringing a camera with me so I can take photos of everything. And I hope that we have some good weather so I can get a few sunset and sunrise shots out on the beach. And, of course, so I can do some hiking.

Anyone else making plans to head to reunions this summer?

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Shifting into Overdrive.

I’m not talking about the e-book distributor or cars, I’m talking about myself.

Over the next two weeks I’m going into overdrive on my edits. I’ve got two complete novels (though not my only two “complete” novels) that I really want to finish editing and I’m hoping that I can finish this round of edits by the end of May. Which means I’ll be spending a week on each one.

Whether or not I’m successful in that venture, I’ll be extremely happy if I can at least get through one of them in the next two weeks. This is because I really want to get to the point in the next couple of months where I’m ready to start querying agents.

I’m sure that I’ll go through each of the novels at least a few times before I even start drafting query letters, but it means that I need to buckle down and spend less time working on new material and more time focusing on getting the old material up to snuff.

Do you have any projects you are really excited about finishing?

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Rainy Days and Library Book Drops

I know a fair number of libraries employ book drops around the towns they service, so that if a person can’t make it over to the library they can still drop off their books. There are a couple downsides, though.

The one we get complaints about the most tends to have to do with how often the book drops are picked up. Depending on the library and how much the book drop is used, it may only get picked up once a day, which means that your items could end up being a day late. And even though our fines are pretty small and your item actually has to be two days late before you actually start accruing fines, people can get pretty upset about having to pay 10 cents or 25 cents on some of the items.

The other downside has to do with rainy days. For the last two days here it has been pouring rain and that means that our book drops around town have a tendency to get puddles in the bottom. Books can end up sitting in the book drops for 24 hours (or more if it happens to be dropped off on Friday afternoon), which means we get really soggy books coming back to us. Now the plus side here for the patron is that we don’t charge them for these books, after all, its not really their fault that that particular book drop has a puddle at the bottom. But it does mean that on rainy days, we do end up having to withdraw and discard dozens of soggy books because they are just too wet. These are books that probably would have continued circulating for at least another year or more.

And while the rain is definitely a blessing when we’ve had such dry weather, it always makes us cringe when the book drops are picked up and brought to us.

What I ask of you, is that if you use your library’s book drops around your town, try and make the extra effort to stop by your library to drop off your book on rainy days, especially if you really enjoyed it.

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It’s that time of year when allergies make their big debut. Over the years I have gradually started to accept the fact that I do have them, and that hay fever will just be a part of my life each spring.

But what is harder to accept is that I’m allergic to cats, no matter how mild the allergy. I suppose the good news is, that I can never be the crazy cat lady down the street, because that many cats would simply kill me. Or at the very least turn me into a red-eyed, bloody-nosed snot factory.

What I need to learn now, is whether I’m allergic to dogs too. When I recently went to visit a friend, I found myself turning into a snot factory. The only difference between her place and mine, besides location in town, is that she has a dog. Of course, the fact that she has a lot more trees and shrubs and other plants around her apartment could pose an issue as well.

If am indeed allergic to dogs as well as cats, I’m going to be one sad girl. Cats are my ultimate favorite animal, and while I cloud probably keep an single outdoor cat without much in the way of consequences, as I did most of my childhood, if one little dog can turn me into a snot factory, it may mean that I’ll never be able to get that dog I’ve been planning on.

I just hope that I don’t develop a peanut allergy, because I’m not sure I could live without peanut butter.

Do you have an allergies that really cramp your style?

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