Summer Reading Program

Summer is almost here and most libraries around the country have started their sign-ups for summer reading programs. I love that my library not only has a program specifically designed for the various children’s age groups, but teens and adults as well.

Last year we got some super cool eco-friendly water bottles for signing up and though we aren’t getting anything special this year, I am glad that they changed the adult prizes so that people are more likely to win something now. Whereas the teens and kids always get something for reading, the adults only get a chance.

Our theme this year is Novel Destinations. And though I generally don’t read travel related books, I think I might just have to pick out one to try, even if its not a requirement of the program. It’s programs like this that make me step outside of my usual reading habits to try something new and I think its generally a good thing.

Do you have any favorite travel related books?

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2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Program

  1. Hi Emmie,
    I recently read Nicholas Spark’ memoir ‘Three Weeks with My Brother’ and it was actually really good. The story follows Sparks and his brother as they travel around the world to really interesting and historical places! It also intertwines his own personal life. It is actually very interesting and moving. I don’t know what kind of novels you typically read or if you have ever read any of Sparks, but if you have the chance check it out! I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the book if you decide to read it.
    -Jason McNeely

    • That definitely does sound interesting. I’ll have to give the book a look. Thanks for the recommendation, Jason!

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