I’m blessed to live in a state with several local authors that come to the library and do events or go to bookstores and do book talks and signings.

This week I got to listen to Victoria Hanley, a local Colorado author who writes YA fantasy. She talked about writing novels and how to get started and a few key things that you should do and towards the end of the talk there is one thing she said that really stuck with me. And though I don’t know if other writers have said this same thing, I wanted to share it with you here.

Victoria Hanley said, “The great thing about writing is that you are on an exploratory journey.” And that is something I can definitely identify with. Reading is also the same way for me, especially when I go back and read things that I wrote years ago. Stories I’ve forgotten, even if in need of dire editing, will still bring me into a different world I experienced as I wrote them and it makes me want to spend time with that old story, fixing it up and making it into something that other people will be able to read and enjoy too.

Since finding my flash drive that I thought I had lost I’ve gotten to spend a fair amount of time going over things that I’ve written since I was in high school and I can’t wait to sit down with the stories that excited me the most as I wrote them and fix them up so that I can share them with others. And I hope that within the coming months that I can do just that.

Do you feel like writing and reading is an exploratory journey?

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