I had a lot of fun over the weekend at my reunion, even if I did get completely soaked on the fourth of July. Being home was a lot of fun and I got to spend some good time with some old friends. Unfortunately it did rain almost non-stop (about 6 inches the first day I was back), so I didn’t get to go do a lot of the outdoors activities I was hoping to.

I also found it quite amusing that most of the people in my class showed up an hour or two late to most of our activities. Of course, I expect that most of them also had other activities they were doing that might have made them late as over half my class still lives in town. And I honestly wouldn’t mind some day being one of those people.

I have fond memories of our “little” island, even if I didn’t take full advantage of everything the town and surrounding areas had to offer. I had some good friends and had lots of fun. And lets be honest, being back in a colder climate was wonderful. I have to say, I’d much rather be cold then hot, because you can only take off so many clothes before you get in trouble, but putting on an extra layer or two does not draw as much attention and won’t land you in jail.

I sincerely hope that I will get the chance to return again soon, whether permanently or just to visit friends.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday!

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