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It’s that time of year when allergies make their big debut. Over the years I have gradually started to accept the fact that I do have them, and that hay fever will just be a part of my life each spring.

But what is harder to accept is that I’m allergic to cats, no matter how mild the allergy. I suppose the good news is, that I can never be the crazy cat lady down the street, because that many cats would simply kill me. Or at the very least turn me into a red-eyed, bloody-nosed snot factory.

What I need to learn now, is whether I’m allergic to dogs too. When I recently went to visit a friend, I found myself turning into a snot factory. The only difference between her place and mine, besides location in town, is that she has a dog. Of course, the fact that she has a lot more trees and shrubs and other plants around her apartment could pose an issue as well.

If am indeed allergic to dogs as well as cats, I’m going to be one sad girl. Cats are my ultimate favorite animal, and while I cloud probably keep an single outdoor cat without much in the way of consequences, as I did most of my childhood, if one little dog can turn me into a snot factory, it may mean that I’ll never be able to get that dog I’ve been planning on.

I just hope that I don’t develop a peanut allergy, because I’m not sure I could live without peanut butter.

Do you have an allergies that really cramp your style?

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