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What is this thing called sleep?

Sometimes I feel like that is how my brain feels despite how much my body craves the stuff. I’ve been awake for an hour now and I got a good three hours worth of sleep. Thanks to a Melatonin pill there were some of the best three hours I’ve had in a while. But the reality is that my body really wants another five to go with it, but my brain is switched on.

I’m not sure if it’s because the yoga just wasn’t enough to relax my brain last night. Or maybe I ate dinner too late. Or maybe there are so many things going through my brain that it just can’t relax right now.

Besides NaNo thoughts, which are many, I went to bed last night without getting all the stuff I needed for the gym ready last night. So now I have three hours to get ready for the gym. So I’m hoping that I don’t forget something like… a t-shirt to wear to work… or an extra pair of skivvies so that I don’t have to wear sweaty workout ones. Or pants, heaven forbid I forget the pants. But even if I did forget something, I’d still have an hour and a half after my workout to shower and run home to get whatever I forgot.

Maybe it’s my thoughts about food for the day that are keeping me awake! I like to plan out my food for the day the night before, but I didn’t get around to it yesterday since I worked a double shift. Which is why I also didn’t get my gym bag ready (not to mention I couldn’t find my old gym bag so I’m having to use my old NaNo tote bag D; ).

Or even that growing shopping list that I haven’t actually started writing down, but have just been recording in my head.

So in the next 3 hours I’m going to make my shopping list, count out my planned calories for the day, fill up my gym bag, make sure I have all the books I need to return to the library in tow and then head out to the gym so I can get my groove on. And then it’ll be off to work after a refreshing shower and if I can remember and if my brain is still going at a hundred miles an hour, maybe I’ll remember to hit up the store and do my shopping.

Here’s to hoping I can get everything I need for tomorrow done tonight, so that maybe I can sleep a good eight hours!

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