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The Night Sky

I’ll be honest, I’m not a morning person. I’m not even an afternoon person. I have sometimes feared that I will always work best when the sky is dark and the stars are twinkling in the sky. If I want to get a lot of writing done, the best time for me to do it is between sunset and sunrise. These just so happen to also be the hours during which I am expected to be sleeping. And of course, when that creative side is turned on there is no sleeping until it’s been all plucked out and set down, which makes it even harder to get up in the morning and make it to work.

I have often wondered why this is so. And the answer is pretty simple. Working at night means less interruptions, something that helps keep the flow going, but that’s not the real reason I like being up at night. I grew up in a place where the stars were bright and I would look up at them and wonder what was out there. What possibilities did our universe hold? What stories and legends were behind the different constellations?

My early poetry as a child revolved around the stars. And any time I had to write a poem for class, I always found some way to make it about the stars. They were and still are my muse to this day. Rather than just having nine muses like in Greek mythology, I have billions of them. Each star holds the possibility for something different.

When I was a kid I wanted a telescope, but I never got one and even to this day I still don’t. I often wonder why I never pursued astronomy. I definitely read a lot about the stars and constellations as a child. But I never took it one step farther. I often thought about taking a class in college, but when I had the chance, I didn’t take it and then I switched schools and astronomy was no longer a possibility. Maybe someday I’ll go back to school again and take an astronomy course, or maybe I’ll just pursue it on my own, read as many books as I can and get that telescope so I can take a closer look at my muses. But whether or not it happens, I will always be able to look up at the night sky and wonder what worlds are out there.

Do you have a time of day when you do your most creative work?

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