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Is it Christmas yet?

I’m somewhat impatiently waiting for December to come. And it has something to do with ebooks and libraries. In case you haven’t been keeping up with some of the news about Overdrive, Kindle books will be added to their collection in December. The official date has not yet been released, but we’ve been promised that it’ll happen before the end of the year. Hints here and there make it sound like it’ll be something that will happen around Christmas and that doesn’t really surprise me. Especially since the news will probably boost Kindle sales.

And the best part about Kindle books coming to libraries near you, is that Amazon is going to be giving FREE copies of the ebooks that libraries have already purchased. So sometime in December, for every ebook that your library has purchased through Overdrive will then also be found in Kindle format as well as ePub or PDF. And all future ebooks your library purchases will come as a package with the Kindle format and an ePub and/or PDF version as well.

Now, I won’t be buying a Kindle or any other ereader just yet, but I’m looking forward to testing out a Kindle from work and downloading books through my library on it. I haven’t posted about the Nook that I got to play with, but I have to say that it definitely makes me very, very tempted to pick one up.

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