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The Things I’d Like To Learn…

I’ve got a slowly growing list of things I’d like to learn, and finding time can definitely be a challenge.

For a while now I’ve wanted to learn how to tat, mostly because its generally a small thing and is something I could keep in my purse and do whenever I’m stuck somewhere or waiting in a long line and have forgotten to bring a book. I also want to learn it because you can make some really beautiful lace with it.

I also want to learn how to paint, which I suppose is not always something you can be “taught” how to do well, but I’d like to take some lessons in the various mediums. I have dabbled in oil painting, but I’d really like to try my hand at watercolors and acrylic. I even almost got an BFA when I was in college until I switched to another school that didn’t have any art classes.

And an old desire has recently sprung up. And that being learning how to play guitar. Now I took about one lesson when I was in high school with my sister, but we only had one guitar which was hers and my desire to learn eventually fizzled out as I have small hands which can make playing guitar really hard. But I’ve really started thinking about it again and I may find myself visiting some pawn shops in the near future, especially since I have a friend that is willing to teach me and another friend that wants to learn also. And I’ve always found that its easier to do things regularly if you have someone else doing it with you (sibling don’t always count, though).

Are there any activities, hobbies or other things you’d like to learn?

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