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While my sister might have rules about stash busting with her knitting. I have rules about buying new notebooks. It’s like a sick disease for writers. You see a handsome or pretty or just perfect looking notebook and even though you already have a bunch, you just have to buy it.

And despite all my efforts to avoid the isles in the stores that have notebooks, I ended up going near one this week and I bought one of those notebooks that called to me. It whispered softly to my fingers and told sweet nothings about how smooth it’s surface was and how nicely bound it was and how it would lay just write when I opened it up to write in it…

Now of course, since I decided that I was going to buy this notebook, which is made from lovely recycled paper and full of character, I had to start writing in it right away. And I’ve been doing just that.

While I don’t generally write stories long hand, I have had a story idea that I’ve been mulling over in my head since November and so now I’m starting to write those ideas down. I’m getting a more solidified picture of what the story will end up being, what the main characters motivations are and so forth.

Like most of the stories I seem to write, this one is once again a departure from my normal fantasy theme. Though it does follow slightly along the horror themes in my current WIP, there are no fantastical creatures in this novel. It’s all humans and at least one very twisted woman.

I’m looking forward to getting started on actually writing the meat of the story down, but first I’ve got to get the bones down. Which is something I don’t always do, but it feels right for this novel.

Do you have any things that you love to buy, but really shouldn’t because you already have too many?

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